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Cannes boat rental with skipper

Discover Cannes by renting a boat with skipper


Rent a boat in Cannes with captain

The islands of Lérins, Cannes, Mandelieu, Monaco, Saint-Tropez, Pampelonne... 

Restaurants La Guérite, Club 55, Nikki Beach, Gigi, Verde, La Tonnelle, Keller Beach...

Discover the best restaurants on the French Riviera by boat

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bateaux a moteur


location bateau Cannes avec skipper


9:30am to 5pm

"An unforgettable day where we visited Saint-Tropez and had lunch at Pampelonne. To be repeated!"

location bateau avec skipper Cannes


6:30pm to 11pm

"Swimming in the turquoise waters of the Lérins Islands, then dinner on board and a view of Cannes with the sunset... Simply exceptional !"

Location bateau Cannes avec skipper


9:30am to 11pm

"What a day! We discovered all the beauties of the French Riviera... Pampelonne, L'Esterel and then an incredible dinner on board the boat of a rib of beef !"

Cannes boat rental with skipper

One of the most prestigious boats on the French Riviera.

Boat for rent with skipper in Cannes

This boat for rent in Cannes is one of the most designer

Rent a boat in Cannes

Pardo 38 is available for charter in Cannes with skipper

Are you looking for a boat rental? The 38 is ayacht for rentwhich can accommodate a maximum of 12 passengers and a skipper for coastal navigation. On the high seas, it is limited to 11 passengers and oneskipper. If you wish, we can put you in touch with a skipper. You will then have to sign a skipper contract with him. This rental boat is available in all portspleasure boats on the French Riviera.

For your charter, you will enjoy a huge rear deck, equipped with a shower with hot water.

It has an outdoor kitchen with 3 refrigerators, an electric hob, a sink. The electric table allows lunch for 8 or 10 people. The table transforms into a large sun lounger at the stern.

At the front of the boat, the sun lounger can accommodate 3 people, in complete safety with a handrail. A sun awning can be installed and protect you from the sun.

At the boat's steering position, you have 3 very comfortable seats.
2 Volvo Penta D 300 diesel engines equip this boat, with a top speed of 35 knots, and 25 knots of cruising.
This boat for rent in Cannes with Pardo 38 skipper is equipped with a breathtaking sound system... 6 speakers distributed across the boat, a subwoofer, a Bluetooth player... 

Discover the Pardo yacht 38
Cannes boat rental with skipper
Boat charter in Cannes with captain

The boat has full lighting. Lighting of the deck, cockpit, aft saloon ...

Cannes yacht charter with skipper

The best navigation instruments: 16 'GPS, autopilot, Volvo joystick, bow thruster, on-board computer ... Very reasonable fuel consumption of around 70 liters per hour ...
3 very comfortable armchairs in the cockpit.

Cannes boat rental in Cannes
Boat rental Cannes with skipper

Synthetic teak deck, 3 refrigerators, plenty of storage.

Boat rental Cannes with skipper

Cannes boat rental with skipper
Yachtcharter Cannes with skipper

An equipped kitchen: 3 refrigerators, a hob, a sink with hot water.

Rent a boat in Cannes

Boat rental Cannes with skipper | Film Festival, Mipim, Cannes Lions, Monaco F1 Grand Prix

Pardo 38 for rent in Cannes
Rent a boat in Cannes
Cannes Yacht rental with captain

Large 160 cm bed.

Cannes boat rental

2 beds of 80 cm.

Boat rental with skipper Cannes

A boat with an exceptional design.

A boat for rent in Cannes

Shower room with electric toilet.

Rent a boat in Cannes with skipper

Cannes boat rental with skipper: lunch on the Lérins Islands

Cannes is the ideal place to have fun and rent a boat. A boat rental Cannes with skipper ou without will allow you to enjoy the sea which has a temperature between 25 and 27° in summer. In Cannes you can easily navigate at Pampelonne for example and go lunch at Club 55. You can also go to Saint Tropez or at monaco for shopping in luxury boutiques. The boat Pardo Yacht 38 is an exceptional boat that will allow you to enjoy the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. Only twenty minutes from Cannes, in renting this Pardo Yacht 38 you can swim between the islands of Lérins and go lunch at the restaurant La Guerite Cannes. If you participate in one of the big events holding in Cannes as the Cannes Film Festival (dates Cannes Film Festival), the Cannes Lions (Cannes Lions dates), the Mapic where the Mipim (Mipim dates)Tax Free, the Mip TVMipcom, the Midem... You can surprise your customers or partners by inviting them to lunch on the boat, between the Lerins Islands. You can also customize the yacht to your image. Near Cannes, you can also navigate at the foot of the Esterel, these red hills which contrast with the blue of the Mediterranean. Around Cannes, you will find many marinas where you can rent a boat (where to rent a yacht with skipper or without on the French Riviera?). Rent a yacht in Cannes with skipper or without skipper will allow you to discover this wonderful coast. We recommend de rent your boat with a skipper in Cannes to fully enjoy your day, if you have never rented a boat of this type. Read our article What to do in Cannes

Discover the best restaurants in Cannes

We have selected for you the best restaurants in Cannes by the seaside, with family, with or without children, with friends, to party.
If you are looking for a restaurant in Cannes to party, a restaurant in Cannes by the sea with the family or a restaurant in Cannes with friends, we have found the best restaurant addresses in Cannes.

Why rent a boat in Cannes with skipper?

For lunch in Saint-Tropez, at Club 55 or Gigi

In renting the boat in Saint-Tropez, you can enjoy the rental of this boat to get to Pampelonne to lunch at Club 55 Saint-Tropez for example or Gigi Saint-Tropez. You can also go to Porquerolles for the day and enjoy this Isle exceptional. You can also go to Cannes for shopping.

To participate in Formula 1 Grand Prix

In Monaco, you can take advantage of this boat rental to go shopping in Cannes or have lunch between the islands of Lerins. For the Formula Monaco Grand Prix 1 (F1 Grand Prix dates from Monaco) you can welcome your customers and guests on this exceptional boatYou can also rent the boat to shuttle between your yacht and the port of Monaco. You can also amaze your guests and customize the yacht to your image.

To discover the Lérins islands by boat

In renting the boat in Cannes, you can enjoy the rental of this boat to go to the Lerins Islands and swim in its incredible waters. You can dive and visit the famous underwater museum: magnificent statues exhibited at a depth of 2 meters.  You will also discover the Bay of Billionaires in Antibes, the Bay of Cannes as well as the famous creeks of Esterel. A memorable boat day!

The Ports of Cannes: Crossroads of the Côte d'Azur

Cannes, the emblematic city of the Côte d'Azur, is renowned for its film festival, its fine sandy beaches, and of course, its picturesque ports. The latter are hubs of activity that reflect the dynamism and luxury of the city. From the Old Port to Port Pierre Canto, each quay tells a story, welcomes sumptuous yachts and serves as a gateway to the wonders of the Mediterranean.

The Old Port of Cannes

The Old Port, located at the foot of Le Suquet, the historic district of Cannes, is the beating heart of the city. It's the ideal place for a boat rental with skipper in Cannes. Founded in the 16th century, this port has evolved over time while retaining its old-world charm. Today it is home to traditional fishing boats, sailboats and luxury yachts, providing a fascinating spectacle for visitors and locals alike. The Old Port is also the scene of major events such as the Cannes Film Festival, where it becomes the meeting point for celebrities and cinema lovers from around the world.

Port Pierre Canto

Located at the other end of the Croisette, Port Pierre Canto is a haven of peace and sophistication. Created in the 1960s, it is dedicated to large yachts, offering high quality services to an international clientele. With its 600 rings, this port is one of the most important in the region for boats over 30 meters. Port Pierre Canto is also famous for its Boulevard de la Croisette which surrounds it, offering an exceptional promenade with breathtaking views of the sea and the Esterel mountains. The skipper will be able to pick you up at Port Canto. However, there will be a fee to be paid to the captaincy.

Port Canto - The Marina

Not far from Port Pierre Canto, the Cannes Marina, often confused with its neighbor, is another important anchor point for boating enthusiasts. More recent and designed to accommodate a variety of pleasure boats, this port is equipped to offer all the comfort necessary for sailors. With its green spaces, its walking areas and its proximity to the city center, the Marina is a place of relaxation and leisure, where you can enjoy the good life of Cannes.

Are you looking for a boat rental in Cannes with skipper?

Come on have lunch on the Lérins Islands!

Are you looking for a boat rental in Mandelieu? This boat for rent is located in the port of Mandelieu-la-Napoule. From port of Mandelieu la Napoule, you can easily get to Lerins Islands and enjoy a pizza or a rib of beef, accompanied by excellent mojitos. Rent a boat to go to the Lérins Islands, so you can swim in the turquoise waters between the islands. Saint-Tropez is only an hour's sail from Mandelieu-la-Napoule. Similarly, it takes about an hour to get to the Pampelonne beach, to Club 55 for instance. We recommend that you rent a Scubajet in Cannes to enjoy your day by boat to the Lérins Islands.

What are the differences between Fjord, Pardo and VanDutch?

These boats are very close. Those are Day Boats, boats made mainly for day use, even if they have a cabin, 4 berths for the Pardo Yacht 38. These three brands are aimed at an affluent clientele, for whom design, performance and comfort areindispensable.The dimensions of the boats are also different. the Pardo 38 does 3,60m wide and 11.90m with its rear deck, the Fjord 40 13.99 x 11.99 m and the Van Dutch 40 3.50 x 12.08m. The construction site Cantiere Del Pardo took out 3 boats, the Pardo 43, the Pardo 50 and the Pardo 38, the construction site Fjord launched the Fjord 38, the Fjord 36, the Fjord 44 and the Fjord 52, the construction site Van Dutch created the Van Dutch 40 and the Van Dutch 55. If you are looking for a Used Pardo 38, see our Sale page. You can also buy a Pardo 38 used.

What are the differences between a yacht and a motorboat?

We often talk about boat or yacht, but are we using the right term? In what context should we use the word boat and the word yacht?
A motorboat is a watercraft that is used for pleasure, commercial or residential purposes whereas a yacht is used exclusively for pleasure and carries a luxury connotation.

A boat measures less than 197 feet from the tip of the bow to the end of the stern. A yacht is usually larger than 30 feet, but if it is luxurious enough, even a small boat can be called a yacht. Pardo called its boats Pardo Yacht because their qualities, and the attention to detail place them directly in the category of yachts. A vessel is any watercraft over 197 feet in length that may also be used for pleasure, commercial, or residential purposes; therefore, a yacht can be a boat or a ship, depending on its length. A yacht over 100 feet is called a megayacht; one over 150 feet is called a superyacht. Some yachts exceed 400 feet.

The distinction between a boat and a yacht may be relevant for reasons such as buying and selling, ownership papers or insurance coverage. Yachts tend to be more expensive, have more navigational equipment and are used for longer range voyages, and their insurance is therefore more comprehensive and more expensive. We offer you three yachts for charter in Cannes, with skipper*: one Pardo 38, a Fjord 42 and a Fjord 52 with skipper.

Skipper Cannes

In Cannes, can you rent a yacht with a skipper?

One pleasure boat is not a NUC, i.e. a vessel for commercial use. So you can rent your boat or yacht, but without skipper. It's about a bareboat rental, and you assume responsibility for the vessel by becoming Captain. The boat rental contract will clearly indicate "bareboat rental". It is up to you, if you wish, to choose a skipper. You will then need to establish with this skipper a service contract. The professional skipper will then become the skipper. So you'll enjoy an extraordinary day without having to worry about maneuvers. Your boat rental Cannes with skipper on a Pardo 38, or Fjord 52 will thus be a great moment of relaxation.
For become a skipper, you must obtain a minimum Captain 200 diploma, depending on the size and motorization of the yacht or boat. Recently, a new patent, the Brevet d'Aptitude à la Conduct de Small Vessel (BACPN) allows boat skipper with size and motorization limitations.

If you wish, we can put you in touch with professional skippers who are familiar with the Pardo 38 or the Fjord 52. It takes approximately between 250 and 500€ per day, depending on the service desired. The skipper will give you his price to accompany you.

Discover our used boats: a Pardo 38 used or a used Fjord 52.

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