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Rent a boat during the Monaco Grand Prix

Boat rental Monaco Grand Prix Formula One

The Pardo 38 is ideal for attending the Monaco Grand Prix

Fascinating, daring and full of thrills, the Monaco Grand Prix turns out to be much more than a simple car race. It is an experience that deserves to be lived from the azure waters of the Mediterranean. Renting a boat offers undeniable advantages: varied choice of boats, benefit of the know-how of a professional skipper, personalized organization of the day at sea. In addition, this opportunity allows a getaway to the Lérins Islands or a sunset cruise. sun after the sporting event. The fun continues even after the end of the Grand Prix...

Monaco Grand Prix: choosing the right boat

The first consideration is group size. A luxury yacht can accommodate over a hundred guests in ostentatious style, while a more intimate sailboat offers a relaxed atmosphere for fewer people. Think about the ambiance you want to create: the glamor and glitz of high-end yachting or a more relaxed setting on the waves.

Next, you have to take into account the location of the best viewpoints of the race. Large yachts can anchor near Port Hercule, offering spectacular views of the speeding cars. However, a smaller boat can navigate flexibly between prime viewing areas.

The choice must also be based on the services offered on board. Some vessels are fully staffed to attend to your every need during the race - a true symbol of luxury that blends perfectly with the elitist spirit of the Grand Prix.

Choosing your boat for the Grand Prix is not an easy thing, but rather an adventure full of strategic and opulent decisions that promise a memorable experience at the very heart of the Monegasque festivities.

boat rental Monaco Grand Prix

View of the Old Port of Cannes from Le Suquet

Benefits of renting a boat with skipper in Monaco

An incomparable view

Renting a boat during the Monaco Grand Prix offers a unique perspective. Nowhere else will you find such a spectacular view of the event. Perched offshore, you have a breathtaking view of the circuit, the cars whizzing by like silver lightning under the Mediterranean sun. The adrenaline is palpable even at this distance, each sharp turn and daring overtake captivating in its raw power.
Boulevard de la Croisette is lined with magnificent buildings. Luxury boutiques, casinos, refined restaurants and prestigious hotels are located there. The Carlton, the Majestic and the Martinez are among the most famous of these hotels. They have all been recently renovated.

Monaco boat rental

Monaco Grand Prix Formula One boat rental

Unparalleled freedom and comfort

Renting a boat also provides unparalleled freedom and comfort. You're not confined to an uncomfortable plastic seat in the crowded stands. Instead, you are the master of your own craft, free to sail as you wish while enjoying the breathtaking spectacle unfolding before your eyes. The luxurious comfort that chartering a boat offers is incomparable to any other Grand Prix experience.

Monaco Formula 1 Grand Prix: the crucial role of the Skipper

According to a study by Le Figaro in 2018, the presence of an experienced skipper on board a rental boat during the Monaco Grand Prix ensures safe and efficient navigation.

  • A qualified skipper is essential to maneuver with precision in the busy Monegasque waters.

  • It can anticipate sudden climate changes typical of the region to ensure an exceptional experience.

  • The expertise of a proven skipper also helps avoid congested areas and provides unobstructed views of the Grand Prix action.

  • An experienced sailor is fully familiar with all applicable local regulations, ensuring compliance with maritime laws.

So, renting a boat for the Monaco Grand Prix without an experienced skipper would be comparable to sailing without a map or compass.

Monaco Grand Prix boat rental

Monaco Grand Prix

Organize your day at sea during the Monaco GP

VIP cruise for an extraordinary Grand Prix

Imagine the scene: you are on the deck of a luxurious yacht, a glass of champagne in hand, sailing on the azure waters of Monaco. The roar of engines can be heard in the distance as the Grand Prix begins. A unique experience that transforms watching a race into an unforgettable moment. There is no better way to experience the intensity of the Grand Prix than from the calm waters of the Mediterranean.

A fishing break between two tours

If the excitement of the circuit can seem intense, nothing is more calming than a fishing break in these same waters during the interludes. Fans will be delighted by the marine wealth and will be able to enjoy a peaceful moment before the action resumes on land. Renting a boat during this sporting weekend offers an irresistible combination of adrenaline and relaxation.

Discover the Lérins Islands

Renting a boat during the Monaco Grand Prix offers a unique perspective to discover the Lérins Islands. This coastal jewel, made up mainly of two islands, Sainte-Marguerite and Saint-Honorat, is a haven of peace far from the roar of the racing cars.

Sainte-Marguerite, the largest of the two islands, dazzles with its lush forest and its historic fort where the Man in the Iron Mask was imprisoned. A walk through its winding paths is a true immersion in untouched nature.

As for Saint-Honorat, the island seduces with its spiritual atmosphere which reigns around its ancient monastery inhabited by Cistercian monks since the 5th century. The vineyards managed by them even produce their own wine!

Sailing around the Lérins Islands therefore provides a unique feeling of escape during the tumultuous Grand Prix. This marine escapade is a breath of fresh air contrasting with the bustle of Monaco.

Monaco Boat Rental

Monaco Boat Rental

Sunset cruise post-Grand Prix

Party on the waves

The atmosphere on board a chartered yacht during the Monaco Grand Prix is second to none. Imagine yourself sailing on a calm sea, lulled by the soft music escaping from the deck and the residual excitement of the car race still ringing in your mind. The conviviality is contagious, each guest shares an electrifying enthusiasm for the past event and the present pleasure. Laughter mixes with the sound of clinking glasses, creating an unforgettable symphony.

Monaco under the stars

The nighttime spectacle offered by Monaco from the sea remains incomparable to any other experience. The illuminated landscape offers a magical vision: the sparkling reflections of the casinos sparkle on the water while the luxurious yachts anchored in the harbor add an extra hint of glamor to this living picture. The architectural details of the Prince's Palace are revealed from a new angle, made majestic by the night lighting. A resplendent nighttime spectacle that perfectly rounds off an exciting day.

After the Grand Prix

Post-Grand Prix relaxation: Water sports in the spotlight

Once the roar of the engines has died down and the dust has settled, visitors to the Monaco Grand Prix often look for a way to unwind. What could be better than enjoying the nautical pleasures offered by the Mediterranean? According to a study published by Scientific Reports in 2019, boat rental during the Grand Prix has a positive impact on local tourism. Suitable for various marine activities such as:

  • Sailing

  • The jet ski

  • Scuba diving

  • Paddleboarding

  • Exploring hidden coves by kayak.

After all, it would be a shame to be so close to the sea without being able to appreciate its rejuvenating charms.

Each beach has its own prices. It is advisable to reserve your mattress in advance in summer. Five-star hotels are known for their private beaches. Examples: Hotel Majestic, Le Martinez and Hotel Carlton (at the end of renovation work).

Escape to Cannes: A summer haven

Not far away is the charming bay of Cannes. Known for its international film festival, it also offers an unforgettable maritime experience for saltwater enthusiasts. You can rent a boat in Cannes, with skipper. The unique panorama offered by its bay from the privacy of a boat is well worth the detour.

Book your next great maritime adventure!

The experience should not end at the end of the Grand Prix weekend. Many adventurers are already taking advantage of local services to plan their next maritime journey. Why not consider a cruise around the Lérins Islands or a fishing trip in the Gulf of Napoule? The possibilities are endless and there is no shortage of rental services! The passion for the Grand Prix can extend well beyond the slopes, to discover the immensity of blue.

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