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The best restaurants on the French Riviera

Discover the best restaurant ideas near Saint-Tropez, Sainte-Maxime, Cannes, Théoule, Mandelieu, Fréjus or Saint-Raphaël. Take advantage of a boat rental with skipper to discover the Côte d'Azur. Bathe in the turquoise waters.

Rent a boat with skipper for the day, and have lunch at Gigi Saint TropezClub 55 Saint Tropez or at La Guérite in Cannes.

 La Guerite Cannes

La Guérite Cannes restaurant is located on the Lérins Islands, opposite Cannes. The Lérins Islands have two main islands, Saint-Honorat Island with its magnificent monastery and Saint-Marguerite Island where the Guérite Cannes is located.

La guérite à Cannes
La Guérite Cannes

Rent a boat to get to La Guerite Cannes

Renting a boat with a skipper is the best way to get to La Guérite in Cannes, on the Lérins Islands. You can enjoy an exceptional day, with swimming in the crystal clear waters of the Lérins Islands, or in the creeks of Esterel. You will have an aperitif on board then we will drop you off at the reception pontoon of the Cannes Guérite. You can then fully enjoy your lunch. There are two services, 12:00 or 15:00. When you are ready, you will call your skipper who will pick you up and show you around the bay of Cannes. You can then take advantage of the late afternoon to swim again.
You can extend your day on board by booking the Sunset option, which will allow you to dine on board and attend the fireworks in Cannes.

We will pick you up as close as possible to your place of residence.
The price is excluding skipper and excluding diesel.

Restaurant La Guerite Cannes

La Guérite Cannes Lerins Islands

We recommend lunch or dinner at Restaurant La Guérite in Cannes, located on the Lérins Islands.


This restaurant is very lively and you will have an exceptional time there. The musical atmosphere rises throughout the afternoon. Some will dance on the tables. With a bit of luck, you will be able to see Elton John, a regular there.


Here is the program we offer:


9:30: we pick you up as close as possible to your accommodation (Old Port of Cannes, Port Canto in Cannes, pontoon of your Martinez or Majestic hotel, etc...).


Stroll and swim in the creeks of Esterel

Aperitif and swimming between the islands of Lérins


Lunch at the Restaurant La Guérite Cannes

15:00: we pick you up at the pontoon of the restaurant La Guérite

Swimming between the Lérins Islands

Return around 5:00 p.m.

Boat rental prices:


  • DAY, from 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.: €2,650 including tax

  • SUNSET, from 6:30 p.m. to 11:00 p.m.: €1,650 including tax

  • FULL DAY, from 9:30 a.m. to 11:00 p.m.: €3,400 including tax


+ skipper: 

. DAY, 300 €

. SUNSET, 250 €

. FULL DAY, 500 €


+ Diesel (about 200 € per hour of navigation)

Restaurant La Guerite Cannes

The restaurant La Guérite is a renowned establishment located on the island of Sainte-Marguerite, off the coast of Cannes. It is one of the most popular restaurants in the region, offering a unique dining experience in an enchanting setting. In this article, we'll explore this restaurant and what makes it one of the most popular culinary destinations on the French Riviera.

The location and setting of the restaurant La Guérite Cannes

One of the first things that catches the eye of La Guérite customers is its location and unique setting. The restaurant is located on the island of Sainte-Marguerite, which is part of the Lérins Islands off the coast of Cannes. The island is accessible by boat from Cannes, making it an ideal destination for a culinary getaway. The setting of La Guérite is simply stunning. The restaurant is located on a sandy beach, offering stunning views of the Mediterranean. Customers can make themselves comfortable on the beach lounge chairs or on the restaurant tables to enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and the breathtaking view.

​La Guérite Cannes: What cuisine?

La Guérite restaurant is known for its creative and innovative cuisine. The chefs use fresh local ingredients to create unique and flavorful dishes that reflect the flavors of the region. The menu is seasonal and changes regularly to adapt to the products available.

The restaurant offers a variety of dishes, ranging from fresh seafood to grilled meats. Guests can also enjoy a selection of vegetarian dishes and delicious desserts.

What is the atmosphere at La Guérite in Cannes?

The atmosphere of La Guérite is unique and relaxing. The restaurant has a warm and welcoming atmosphere, with comfortable seating and dim lighting. Customers can enjoy their meal while listening to live music and watching the sunset over the Mediterranean. The restaurant staff are also very friendly and helpful. Servers are experienced and knowledgeable about the menu, offering recommendations and advice to help customers choose the best dishes.

La Guérite Cannes organizes special events

La Guérite also organizes special events throughout the year. Guests can participate in themed parties, wine tasting events and private parties for special occasions. These events add an extra touch to the unique dining experience offered by the restaurant.

Customer reviews of La Guérite

Customer reviews of La Guérite are unanimous: it is one of the best restaurants in the region. Customers appreciate the quality of the cuisine, the beautiful setting and the relaxed atmosphere of the restaurant. Many customers return regularly to enjoy the unique dining experience offered by La Guérite.

La Guérite restaurant in Cannes is a premier culinary destination on the French Riviera. With its creative cuisine, its enchanting setting and its relaxing atmosphere, it is the ideal place to enjoy your stay in Cannes. Many customers come from all over the region, from Saint-Tropez to Monaco.

Where is the Guérite restaurant located?

The La Guérite Cannes restaurant is located opposite Cannes on Sainte-Marguerite Island, which is part of the Lérins Islands. The restaurant is accessible only by boat.

How to get to La Guérite restaurant?

You can take the restaurant shuttle or rent a boat with a skipper.

What are the opening hours of La Guérite Cannes?

There are two lunch services: 12:00 p.m. or 3:00 p.m. It is essential to book well in advance.

La Guérite in Cannes: an exceptional setting!

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