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Boat rental Cannes with skipper > Boat rental Cannes Pardo 38

The PARDO 38 can be booked by phone

DAY, from 9:30am to 5pm
SUNSET, from 6.30pm to 11pm
FULL DAT, from 9:30am to 11pm

Yacht charter Cannes | Pardo 38

If you are looking for a Cannes boat rental with skipper , the Pardo 38 is certainly one of the most stylish and designer boats of recent years. You will appreciate the comfort on board and the luxury deployed.

You can embark up to 12 passengers, plus skipper.

Pardo 38 : extreme comfort

You will have on the Pardo 38 a wide rear beach which will allow you to access the Mediterranean with great comfort . A hot water shower is installed there.

The space for lunch or dinner can accommodate up to 8 people.
The electric table can be lowered very easily, allowing you to obtain a very large sunbathing area .

Between the Lérins Islands, we recommend a catering to be delivered directly to the boat: pizzas, prime rib, seafood platter, etc ... Sever
al boat - restaurants can deliver you on board. Check out our article on the best restaurants in Cannes .

Pardo 38 : Exceptional equipment

You have three refrigerators on board, 220 volts , a Nespresso .

The sound system is extraordinary . 3 sound zones, front, rear and cabin. The installed subwoofer gives exceptional sound quality .

The cockpit accommodates three seats. The Gps, the joystick, the remote-controlled guide will give you unparalleled pleasure to navigate.

At the front, you will have a very large sunbathing area, with a sun protection awning .

To perfectly protect you from the sun,
the boat is equipped with an electric sun awning at the rear , and a tailor-made awning, to be installed at the front .

The boat has a shower room with wc .


The cabin has a very large 160 cm bed, with two single beds at the rear.


Pardo 38 is in Mandelieu but available in Cannes, Nice, Antibes or Saint-Tropez

The boat is in Mandelieu-la-Napoule , but you can embark at the Old Port or at the Canto port in Cannes, Monaco, Nice, Antibes or Saint-Tropez .

Book the Pardo 38


To find out the rental rates in Cannes du Pardo 38 and to book

The Pardo 38 is a very popular boat. We advise you to book as soon as possible. The calendar on the Rates page allows you to find out about availability in real time.

In order to help you choose your destination on this Pardo 38 , we are giving you ideas for excursions in Cannes and the best navigations.

You can also read our article What to do in Cannes

Detail of pardo 38
Pardo 38 Cannes large sundeck
Pardo 38 in Mandelieu
Pardo 38 in Cannes

Pardo 38: very large sunbathing area at the rear.

Pardo 38: An exceptional design

Pardo 38: 3 refrigerators, a Nespresso, 220v at sea ...

Pardo 38 Cannes
Pardo 38: an electric sun awning
Pardo 38 with skipper

Pardo 38: beautiful night lighting

Pardo 38: an electric sun awning at the rear and manual at the front

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