The Côte d'Azur is the ideal place for yachting.
From Cannes , you can sail to Monaco , Saint-Tropez , Pampelonne , the Lérins islands , Porquerolles , Port Cros , Corsica ...


The boat is for rent

You can of course entrust it to a skipper if you wish.

We offer Captain 200 skippers who know the boat perfectly and who will take you where you want:

You can also customize the boat for the Monaco Grand Prix or the Cannes Lions . To find out the dates of the Monaco F1 Grand Prix or the dates of the Lions Cannes .

Boat rental in Cannes


Examples of destinations

Yacht à Monaco durant le Grand Prix F1

Tender to



Welcome your family and friends in the best conditions,

with a Pardo yacht 38.

Déjeuner aux îles de Lérins

Lunch at the restaurant
La Tonnelle Saint-Honorat Island



Visit of the Ile Saint-Honorat and its monastery, swimming in turquoise waters, lunch at the restaurant with your feet in the sand ... Lunch at the restaurant La Tonnelle Ile Saint-Honorat

Eaux turquoises des îles de Lérins

Dinner on the Lérins Islands, swimming in the turquoise waters

Swimming in the turquoise waters, mojito on the boat then dinner with a magnificent prime rib. Dinner on the Lérins Islands, swimming in the turquoise waters

Journée en bateau à Saint-Tropez

Shopping day in Saint-Tropez or Monaco


1h of navigation then a shopping day in the most beautiful fashion and luxury brands. Shopping day in Saint-Tropez or Monaco

Restaurant La Guérite Cannes

Lunch at the restaurant La Guérite in the Lérins islands



Lunch at La Tonnelle restaurant on the Lérins islands, and enjoy an exceptional day on the boat.

Plage de Pampelonne

Lunch at Club 55 or Nikki Beach in Pampelonne


Club 55 is located on the beach of Pampelonne, near Saint-Tropez, in the commune of Ramatuelle. The beach of Pampelonne offers a wide range of restaurants, lounges, bars and restaurants.

Mandelieu _ Ports de la Rague et La Napo

Visit of the French Riviera, by sea




The Bay of Cannes, the Esterel, the Bay of Billionaires, the Cap d'Antibes, the Lérins islands... an exceptional day with swimming in the turquoise waters.

Monaco Grand Prix de F1

Shopping day in Monaco



1 hour of sailing followed by a day of shopping in the most beautiful fashion and luxury stores. Shopping day in Monaco.

Attend the Grand Prix de Formula 1 of Monaco

Rent a boat in Cannes, Monaco, Saint-Tropez, Pampelonne, Antibes or Nice

Boat rental in Cannes

Cannes is the ideal place to have fun and rent a boat . The sea in Cannes is between 25 and 27 ° in summer. From Cannes you can easilynavigatetoPampelonnefor example and havelunch at Club 55. You can also go toSaint-TropezorMonacoto shop in luxury boutiques. ThePardo Yacht 38is an exceptional boat that will allow you to enjoy the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. Only twenty minutes from Cannes, byrenting this Pardo Yacht 38you can swim betweenthe Lérins Islandsand have lunch atthe TonnelleorLa Guérite restaurant. If you participate in one of the bigeventstaking place inCannessuch as theCannes Film Festival, theLions Cannes, theMapicor theMipim, orTax Free, theMip Tv,Mipcom , ... You will be able to surprise your customers or partners by inviting them to lunch on the boat , between the Lérins Islands . You can also customize the boat to your image .

Boat rental in Saint-Tropez

Byrenting the boat in Saint-Tropez, you can take advantage of therental of this boatto go toPampelonneforlunch at Club 55for example. You can also go toPorquerollesfor the day and enjoy thisexceptionalisland. You can also go toCannesfor shopping.

Yacht charter in Monaco

From Monaco , you can take advantage of the rental of this boat to go to Cannes for shopping or lunch between the Lérins Islands . For the Formula 1 Monaco Grand Prix, you will be able to welcome your customers and guests on this exceptional boat . You can also hire the boat to make shuttles between your yacht and the port of Monaco . You can also amaze your guests and personalize the boat in your image .

Boat rental in Mandelieu la Napoule

This boat for rent is located in the port of Mandelieu-la-Napoule. From the port of Mandelieu la Napoule, you can easily go to the Lérins Islands and enjoy a pizza or a prime rib, accompanied by excellent mojitos. You can swim in the turquoise waters between the Lérins Islands.Saint-Tropez is only an hour's navigation from Mandelieu la Napoule. Likewise, it takes about an hour to get to Pampelonne, to Club 55 for example.

What are the differences between the Fjord 40, the Pardo Yacht 38, and the VanDutch 40?

These boats are very close. These are Day Boats , boats made mainly for day use, even if they have a cabin, sleeping 4 for the Pardo Yacht 38 . These three brands are aimed at a wealthy clientele, for whom design, performance and comfort are essential. The dimensions of the boats are also different. The Pardo Yacht 38 is 3.60m wide and 11.90m with its rear deck, the Fjord 40 13.99 x 11.99 m and the VanDutch 40 3.50 x 12.08 m. The Cantiere Del Pardo pulled out 3 boats Pardo Yacht43, Pardo Yacht 50 and Pardo Yacht38, the shipyard Fjord launched the Fjord38 Fjord36 Fjord 44 and the Fjord52 worksite the VanDutch has created the VanDutch 40 and the VanDutch 55 .