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PARDO 38 Used | Cannes | Pardo 38

PARDO YACHTS : PARDO 38 used for sale

Pardo 38 used, year 2019, 420 hours of navigation

Perfect condition, 2x300 hp Volvo Penta diesel
Bow thruster
Air conditioner
4 beds
220v converter
Front sun awning
Bimini top electric rear
Underwater lighting
Rear camping awning (allows 2 additional beds)
Bathing ladder with handrails
Front cushion on step
windshield sun awning
3-position bench seat tilting system
Electric windlass with camera
Maxi 3-zone sound system with subwoofer

Maxi Sonorisation 3 zones avec caisson de basses :
Entertainement UNI-DOCK High Performance Package:       
FUSION MS-UD755 FM Radio/Uni-Dock;;      
FUSION SG-DA51600, 5 channel amplifier;      
Zone 1: master cabin's internal speakers (couple) with remote
control NRX-300;      
Zone 2: aft area's external speakers (couple) + aft high quality Subwoofer JL-AUDIO 7,7 "Sink + JL-AUDIO 8" Subwoofer;      
Zone 3: stern area's external speakers (couple) High Quality Zone JL-Audio 7,7 " (adjustable by UD755 or APP.) (In alternative, Zone 3 can be used for the aft cabin)
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Used Pardo 38 for sale

Pardo 38 used, all options

Pardo 38 used, design, luxury & comfort

Price : consult us, possibility without tax - Possibility of financing

220v converter
Underwater lighting
Front sun awning
Rear electric Bimini sun awning
Sun awning and windshield protection
3-position sunbathing seat backrest tilting system
Courtesy LED lights on deck and on walking around
Cushion at the front on anchor step
Protective covers for all upholstery and cockpit
Front sunbathing handrail

Pardo 38 used: an exceptional sound system

Maxi 3-zone sound system with subwoofer:
Entertainment UNI-DOCK High Performance Package:       
FUSION MS-UD755, FM radio/Uni-Dock; ;      
FUSION SG-DA51600, 5-channel amplifier;      
Zone 1: Main cabin internal speakers (couple) with remote control
NRX-300 remote control;      
Zone 2: External rear zone speakers (couple) + JL-AUDIO 7.7" Sink high-quality rear subwoofer + JL-AUDIO 8" subwoofer;      
Zone 3: Rear zone external speakers (couple) JL-Audio 7.7" high quality zone (adjustable by UD755 or APP.) (Alternatively, zone 3 can be used for the rear cabin).

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The used Pardo 38: an affordable luxury sailing experience

If you are looking for a used motorboat that offers the perfect combination of performance, style and comfort, look no further than the used Pardo 38.


With its elegant silhouette, premium finishes and exceptional performance, the used Pardo 38 is a popular choice among boating enthusiasts. Here are the benefits of opting for a used Pardo 38, as well as key points to consider during your search. Hold on tight and get ready to dive into the exciting world of used Pardo 38 powerboats.

The advantages of a used Pardo 38 motorboat

When considering purchasing a motorboat, opting for a used model has many advantages. Here are a few reasons why used Pardo 38s deserve your attention:

Value for money

Buying a used motorboat allows you to benefit from excellent value for money. Used Pardo 38 boats are often offered at more affordable prices compared to a new model, while maintaining the brand's exceptional quality and performance.

Ready to sail

Unlike a new boat which often requires some time to be equipped and prepared, a used Pardo 38 is generally ready to sail upon purchase. This allows you to quickly enjoy your sea trips without having to wait for additional delays.

Maintenance history

Used boats, including Pardo 38s, are often sold with a full maintenance history. This allows you to have a clear idea of the maintenance carried out on the boat, making it easier to make an informed decision.

Key points to consider when buying a used Pardo 38

When you start looking for a used Pardo 38, it's important to keep some key points in mind to ensure you make the right choice:

Thorough inspection

Before purchasing a used Pardo 38, have the boat inspected by a qualified professional. They will be able to check the general condition of the hull, engines, electrical systems and all equipment on board. A careful inspection will give you a clear idea of the condition of the boat.

Maintenance and navigation history

Ask to see the boat's maintenance and sailing history. Check maintenance reports, repairs performed, engine operating hours, and previous use of the boat. This will help you evaluate the maintenance and use of the boat over time.

Price negotiation

When buying a used boat, it is important to negotiate the price wisely. Research market prices to get a realistic idea of the value of the used Pardo 38 you want to purchase. Use the information obtained during the inspection and review of the history to argue during negotiations.

Sea trial

Before finalizing the purchase, request a sea trial of the used Pardo 38. This will allow you to test the performance, handling and comfort of the boat. Be sure to check the proper functioning of all systems and equipment on board during the sea trial.

Transfer of ownership and legal documents

Before closing the sale, make sure all title transfer documents are in order. Check the boat papers, navigation certificate, insurance, and make sure the seller has all the necessary rights and authorizations to sell the boat.

Buying a used Pardo 38 powerboat can be a great option for boating enthusiasts who are looking for the perfect blend of luxury and performance without breaking the bank. The financial advantages and the possibility of quickly enjoying navigation are important highlights. However, it is essential to consider the key points mentioned above to ensure you make an informed choice.

When you start looking for a used Pardo 38, remember to do a thorough inspection, review the maintenance and sailing history, negotiate the price strategically, make a sea trial and finalize all legal aspects before purchasing.

By following these tips, you will be able to find a used Pardo 38 motorboat that will meet your expectations in terms of performance, style and comfort, while allowing you to enjoy unforgettable sailing experiences. Happy searching and happy browsing!

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