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What are the best restaurants in Cannes?

Restaurants in Cannes by the sea

Updated 01/10/2023

Cannes best restaurants

Go by boat to one of the many restaurants accessible only by sea.

The Côte d'Azur is a unique setting in the world. By the sea, the spectacle is incredible, with a magnificent coast. Choose a boat rental in Cannes with skipper and to enjoy your day on the boat, we present here some addresses that we recommend.

We present here the restaurants La Guérite and La Tonnelle on the Lérins islands, the Club Agathos restaurant in the bay of Agay , the Club 55 and the Nikki Beach on the beach of Pampelonne, near Saint-Tropez. You may also prefer to have lunch on the boat in a more private setting.

Rent a boat to go to lunch at the Lérins Islands

There are many restaurants near Cannes accessible only by boat. These restaurants are located in extraordinary settings. Whether it's the Lerins Islands, located opposite Cannes where there are 2 restaurants, La Tonnelle or la Guérite, Pampelonne beach near Saint-Tropez where there are many restaurants, including Club 55.

Lunch at La Guérite

La Guerite Cannes  restaurant is located on one of the two islands that make up the Lérins Islands, Sainte-Marguerite Island. This 2.1 square kilometer island is famous for its fort, which is said to have housed the man  in the iron mask. The restaurant is a restaurantalmost gourmet, with an incredible view of Cannes. Here is the menu of the restaurant La Guérite. You can rent a boat in Cannes Pardo 38 to go there. Your skipper will be waiting for you and then allow you to reach the turquoise waters located between the two islands for a swim in the sea et a café. You can then follow the coast, from the Baie des Milliardaires from Antibes, to the Esterel where you can swim again in crystal clear waters.

Restaurant La Guérite Cannes
Restaurant La Tonnelle

Lunch at the Lérins Islands, at La Tonnelle

The La Tonnelle Cannes restaurant is located on Saint-Honorat Island. The island is the property of the monks of Lérins. There is the Lérins monastery.  Its former fortified monastery,built in 1073 et located in the peninsula in the south of the island and visible from afar, directly dominates the sea. About twenty monks live on the island. The island is home to a renowned vineyard which notably produces the Lérina liqueur. Visiting Île Saint-Honorat is absolutely essential during a stay in Cannes. The place is absolutely amazing. You can have lunch at La Tonnelle restaurant, with your feet in the sand, with an incredible view of the boats anchored in the turquoise waters that border the island. Your skipper can wait for you and then take you for a swim in the heavenly waters around Saint-Honorat Island. You will continue your day in the Bay of Cannes, the Bay of Billionaires, and in front of the Esterel mountains.

Rent a boat for La Tonnelle

Dinner on the Lérins Islands, on the rental boat

Another formula also allows you to enjoy the Lérins Islands: lunch on your Pardo yacht 38 rental boat. It is possible to have a full meal delivered on board the boat: dinner at the Lérins Islands, pizzas, seafood... Everything is possible on board the boat, and you will benefit from a privatized restaurant! You can even have the best mojitos on the French Riviera delivered!

Abbey of Lérins
Lunch on board Pardo yacht 38

Seafood platters aton board the Pardo 38 for hire

The abbey of Ile Saint-Honorat, one of the two Lérins islands

Pampelonne beach restaurants

Pampelonne Beach

Restaurant Club 55 Pampelonne Beach
Sailing in the bay of Agay

Crystal clear waters of Agay Bay

Rent a boat for lunch in Agay Bay

Agay Bay is located 40 minutes by boat from Cannes. You will discover a bay with crystal clear waters. This bay is very well sheltered from the east wind. The boat will be moored, in front of the restaurant.

Lunch at the Club Agathos restaurant on the beach, in the bay of Agay

Rent a boat to go to lunch in Pampelonne

Pampelonne is a dream beach located in the town of Ramatuelle, next to Saint-Tropez. Renowned for its white sand beach and turquoise waters, Pampelonne has a very large range of restaurants frequented by the jet-set of Saint-Tropez.

Lunch at the Club 55 restaurant on Pampelonne beach

Club 55 Saint Tropez on Pampelonne beach is a mythical place. Created by Geneviève and Bernard de Colmont, it is now run by their children, Véronique and Patrice de Colmont. Club 55  is most certainly a cult place that is essential to visit when visiting the region. With the Pardo 38, you will reach the restaurant in approximately one hour of navigation. On the way back, you can swim in creeks in front of the Esterel.

Lunch at Nikki Beach on Pampelonne beach

Just one more Nikki Beach restaurant is a lifestyle. Atmosphere, swimming pool, music... everything is there to make you spend unforgettable moments. With the Pardo 38 boat, and with a skipper, you can fully enjoy your day without worrying about your return.

Nikki Beach Pampelonne Beach

Rent a boat to get to Nikki Beach Pampelonne Beach

Restaurant Club Agathos Agay Bay

The Club Agathos restaurant is an excellent address. Private beach, excellent cuisine, open for lunch and dinner in the summer. Essential to book in advance.

Restaurant Club Agathos Bay of Agay

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