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The heavenly beaches of Issambres

Updated: Mar 10

In an era where the need to escape has never been more pressing, exploring the hidden treasures of the Côte d'Azur has a particular appeal. Far from the crowds, Issambres offers an enchanted break, combining dream beaches and authentic discoveries.

The magnificent beaches of Issambres
The magnificent beaches of Issambres

The charm of Issambres

Have you already tasted the charm of Les Issambres, this little corner of paradise nestled on the French Riviera? This holiday destination, nestled between Sainte-Maxime and Fréjus , offers an alternation of wild coves and golden beaches caressed by the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

One cannot help but be dazzled by the striking contrast between the celestial blue of the firmament and the verdant green of the surrounding hills. Holidays in Les Issambres are synonymous with relaxation under radiant sunshine, but also with exploring an intact natural environment.

Lovers of outdoor activities will be delighted by the numerous aquatic options offered: sailing, kayaking or even paddle boarding. For those who prefer to stay on dry land, nothing beats a stroll along the shore to admire the picturesque landscapes that this Mediterranean gem reveals to us.

Either way, one thing is certain: it is irresistible to the lure of the warm sand and clear waters of the idyllic beaches of Issambres. So why hesitate? All you have to do is let yourself be lulled by the gentle melody of the waves...

The unmissable beaches

Gaillarde beach

Nestled between the shore and a green cliff, Gaillarde beach is a true jewel of Issambres. Its fine, golden sand stretches out over several kilometers, caressed by crystal clear water that invites immersion. The bay offers a magnificent spectacle, where the blue of the sky mixes with that of the Mediterranean Sea.

  • A preserved natural environment

  • Delicate, golden sand

  • Clear and inviting water

  • Impressive panorama of the Mediterranean

Cape San Peyre

Cap du San Peyre is much more than just a stopover during a stay in Les Issambres. It's an experience in itself. This rocky promontory offers an unforgettable panorama of the entire coast, with its wild coves and idyllic beaches. From this highest point, we can distinguish the Hyères islands offshore.

Tardieu Creek

For those looking for a little privacy away from the crowded beaches in high season, there is always the option of heading to Tardieu Cove. Situated at the foot of a steep cliff covered in lush Mediterranean vegetation, this small beach The secluded resort is often overlooked by ordinary tourists - making it the perfect location for those longing for a peaceful time by the water.

Natural discovery and activities

Walks by the sea

Beyond the heavenly beaches, Issambres offers a range of opportunities for nature enthusiasts. A walk along the coastal path is recommended to appreciate the raw beauty of this place. The route winds between forest and river, revealing at each turn a new view of the blue expanse. Don't forget the hidden waterfall, a real natural gem that provides pleasant freshness.

Water sports to practice

If you prefer action to contemplative rest, Les Issambres is also ideal for water sports. Whether you are a sailing fan, a paddle enthusiast or a jet ski enthusiast, you will find what you are looking for in this lively and sporty seaside resort. The clear water offers ideal conditions for these activities while allowing you to admire the exceptional seabed that this part of the Mediterranean conceals.

Reasons for choosing Issambres

If there is a destination that brilliantly combines pleasure and tranquility, it is Issambres. This jewel of the Côte d'Azur has managed to maintain its authentic character despite the influx of visitors seduced by its maritime beauty. Boasting an abundant and diverse natural heritage, this peaceful refuge offers a perfect environment for those seeking to escape the chaos of metropolises. The beaches are lined with umbrella pines providing shaded spaces where it is pleasant to rest after a swim in the crystal clear water. But the Issambres are not limited to that. They also offer accessible luxury with a selection of high-end hotels , without forgetting the private villas perched on the hills revealing a spectacular view of the Mediterranean Sea. One of the distinctive advantages of Les Issambres is undoubtedly its proximity to Saint-Tropez . Only a few kilometers away, this emblematic city welcomes every year a number of tourists who come to savor the Mediterranean sun while observing the constant coming and going of yachts at the port. Opting for Issambres as a vacation spot means a guaranteed escape and change of scenery in an intact setting where luxury and simplicity coexist harmoniously.

Local cuisine in Issambres

The local cuisine in Les Issambres is a fusion of flavors and traditions, a real journey for the taste buds. Olive oil , produced on site, is the key element which gives all its charm to each dish. It gives a Mediterranean air to Provençal stew, this meat stew slowly simmered in red wine and fragrant herbs.

Fruits have a marked presence in the gastronomy of Issambres. Freshly picked under the generous sun of this region blessed by mother nature, they bring their sweet sweetness to desserts or blend subtly into savory dishes for an unexpected taste explosion.

As for fish, it occupies a privileged position on local tables. Recently caught in the Mediterranean Sea, it can be enjoyed grilled or prepared with aioli - this creamy sauce composed of pressed garlic and olive oil that delights all gourmets.

Savoring the local cuisine in Les Issambres means soaking up the authentic and generous character of this Provençal land where each meal is an enchantment for the senses.

Nightlife in Issambres

The meeting at the Sunset Lounge

Nightlife in Les Issambres is an intoxicating mix of relaxed atmosphere and festive evenings. The Sunset Lounge , a symbolic coastal bar, perfectly embodies this concept. It's an open-air nightclub where soft lights reflect on the Mediterranean Sea. Live concerts fuel a vibrant atmosphere that attracts crowds who come to dance under the firmament until dawn. Local and international DJs perform varied sets ranging from deep house to minimal techno, giving each evening its unique character.

White Nights on the Port

While the Sunset Lounge offers a more intimate nighttime experience, all-nighters on the harbor are associated with an effervescent atmosphere. The port then transforms into a real social center where floating nightclubs, lively bars and elegant restaurants coexist. The entertainment never really fades and it is not uncommon for the festivities to last until dawn with musicians improvising jam sessions on the quays. The illuminated boats give the port a magical appearance while the sea breeze brings freshness and lightness to the crazy summer nights in Les Issambres.

Recommended accommodation

After exploring the local cuisine and immersing yourself in the excitement of the Issambres nightlife, it's time to consider the various accommodation choices available.

The hotel stands out for its cozy rooms and impeccable service. Many establishments offer panoramic views of the coastline, allowing visitors to start each day with the gentle sound of the waves.

  • Villas are another exciting option for those who prefer a little more privacy. These lavish residences provide all the essential amenities for a memorable stay.

  • The apartment is also a viable option, especially for families or groups of friends. It generally provides a fitted kitchen as well as several bedrooms.

  • The gîte stands out as the ideal choice for those who aspire to connect with nature while savoring the charm of Provence.

Each of these accommodations offers its own unique experience tailored to various types of travelers. So whether you're looking for a luxurious stay or a quaint rustic getaway, Les Issambres definitely has something to offer.

The practical guide for your stay

When to go to Issambres?

The weather in Les Issambres is mild most of the year. However, for an optimal experience, the stay guide suggests the months of April to October . This recommendation is based on the pleasant temperatures and low precipitation rate observed during this period.

How to get to Les Issambres?

Access to Issambres depends on the starting point. For those traveling by plane, the nearest airport is Nice Côte d'Azur, located approximately 70 km away. For travelers preferring the train, the nearest SNCF station is Saint-Raphaël Valescure, approximately 15 km away. Our practical guide offers detailed information on these different options.

Health precautions for your stay

In terms of health advice, there is no specific risk reported in Issambres. A study conducted by National Geographic in 2019 indicates that contact with nature can significantly increase our overall well-being. Therefore, take full advantage of the green spaces during your visit! Just make sure your regular vaccinations are up to date and pack a medical kit containing mosquito repellent and UV-protective sunscreen.

Sites to also see around

The magic of the Lérins Islands

Not far from Issambres, a real treasure is revealed: the Lérins islands . This Mediterranean duo consists of the village of Sainte-Marguerite and the less large but charming island of Saint-Honorat. The first houses Fort Royal, a former prison that housed the famous Iron Mask. On the last one stands out a majestic abbey church dating from the 11th century and still in activity.

Cruise in the bay of Cannes

A cruise in the Bay of Cannes brings a dose of adventure to your stay in Les Issambres. This experience offers a unique appreciation of the Riviera coastline from a privileged point. The panorama of the golden beaches alternating with the deep blue of the wild coves is breathtaking. As a bonus, you'll get to watch some celebrities soak up the sun on their luxury yachts!

Boat rental with skipper

Choosing the ideal boat

On the vast blue Issambres, a multitude of ships can be seen on the horizon. Luxury yachts, small motorboats ; each craft has its own charm and function. The type of boat chosen depends mainly on your maritime experience expectations. For those who appreciate luxury and sophistication, a yacht equipped with comfortable cabins and high-end amenities is an optimal choice. Adrenaline seekers will prefer the sensation provided by a fast motorboat .

Respect of maritime rules

Sailing in the turquoise waters of Issambres involves not only adventure but also responsibility. Certain rules are in place to guarantee the safety of sailors as well as that of other boats on the water. These directives govern, among other things, the maximum authorized speed, the equipment necessary on board and even appropriate behavior in the presence of other vessels.

The undeniable advantage of the professional skipper

Calling on a professional skipper during your marine getaway to Les Issambres offers several important advantages. On the one hand, he knows the local waters inside out and can guide you to the beautiful spots while avoiding the risky areas. This experienced captain has extensive knowledge of different types of boats and can help you choose the vessel that best suits your needs. With an expert skipper at the helm, you can simply relax and enjoy the beauty of Les Issambres without thinking about navigation.

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