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The Cannes Lions Congress

As the world catches its breath after a tumultuous period, the long-awaited Lions event in Cannes returns with momentum. This historic congress, which saw a parade of exceptional winners in 2023, promises new surprises for the 2024 edition. Between island discoveries and nautical delights, enriching encounters and local culinary delights, it offers a unique panorama of the Bay of Cannes. Enthusiasm and curiosity guide this journalistic exploration comparing the recent past and possible future of this must-see annual event. The next edition of Lions Cannes is scheduled for June 17-21, 2024. You can find the next Lions Cannes dates in our Cannes conference calendar.

Cannes Lions
Cannes Lions

The historic Cannes Lions

Humble beginnings

The history of the Lions Cannes Congress dates back to 1954, the year of its founding. At the time, the event was a small affair organized by a group of enthusiasts from the advertising and film industries. They opened the congress with the intention of creating a space to recognize excellence in advertising and promote excellence in this field.

A recognized global event

Over time, the Cannes Lions Congress has experienced tremendous growth. Today it is considered one of the largest international events for advertising creativity. The conference format has also grown and welcomes thousands of participants from all over the world every year. The award presented at the conference is now considered a prestigious award and represents the highest recognition in the advertising industry. This development perfectly illustrates how passion and hard work can turn a simple gathering into a major international phenomenon.

The winners of the 2023 session

Have you ever wondered who took home the award at the Cannes Lions Congress 2023? It's time to reveal these symbols of success and innovation.

The title of winner at this international meeting is not a small one. It celebrates creative excellence and celebrates the courage to go beyond the limits set by their predecessors. One figure stands out: the winner of the Grand Prix , who we still remember.

Victory doesn't just symbolize a trophy or public praise; It also means inclusion in a narrow circle: that of visionaries who have shaped their time with unique innovations . They are the ones constantly redrawing the uncertain boundaries between what is achievable and what is not yet achievable.

It gives us all great satisfaction to witness the spectacular progress of these brilliant minds! Their exuberant creativity not only contributes to the international reputation of the Lions Conference in Cannes, it also shapes our shared future.

It goes without saying how important it is for all of us that this event continues to exist and thrive so that more and more innovative and creative talents are born every year.

The discovery of the Lérins Islands

La Tonnelle, an oasis of calm during the Lions Cannes

At the heart of the Cannes Lions Conference, an island features lush vegetation and enchanting scenery. The island of Sainte-Marguerite, one of the Lérins Islands, is known not only for its historic fortress, but above all for La Tonnelle . During the festival, this open-air terrace transforms into a popular space for attendees looking to escape the hustle and bustle of Cannes. Located on the edge of the beach and surrounded by centuries-old eucalyptus trees , La Tonnelle offers a tranquil atmosphere in which to enjoy a meal while taking in the panoramic views of the Mediterranean.

La Guérite: An idyllic setting during the Lions Cannes

On the same island lies La Guérite . This gourmet restaurant is open throughout Lions Cannes and offers guests an unforgettable dining experience in an enchanting setting. With its shaded terraces overlooking the clear waters and its refined Mediterranean cuisine lovingly prepared by chef Yoric Tièche, La Guérite has managed to enchant the finest palates of the advertising world at previous editions of the Lions Congress in Cannes. A visit to this place not only offers the opportunity to taste the delicious cuisine, but also allows you to fully admire the extraordinary natural environment of the island.

In the heart of Cannes Bay

An incomparable maritime spectacle

According to National Geographic's 2018 study, the Bay of Cannes is a treasure trove of marine biodiversity. During the Lions Conference in Cannes, she offers a unique perspective on the event. Imagine yourself on board a skippered boat rental in Cannes , floating peacefully in the calm waters of the harbor. The magnificent view of the congress from the sea is simply breathtaking. The contrast between the intense blue of the Mediterranean and the shiny buildings of the Congress gives this landscape a picturesque touch.

The tranquility of maritime travel

If we talk about Cannes, it would be a shame to leave out the seaside walks that offer a moment of relaxation amid the tumult of the Cannes Lions Congress. From luxurious yachts to more modest sailboats, each vessel glides gracefully over the shimmering waves beneath the Riviera sky. Every trip to this majestic bay offers a unique opportunity to admire the grandiose architecture of the casino and hotels along the pier.

Night lights: A magical spectacle

As night falls over Cannes during the Cannes Lions Congress, the entire bay is transformed into a luminous theater where every source of light competes with that of the stars to capture your attention. The hotel facades shine in the spotlights, while the casino shines like a diamond under the starry sky. Viewing the convention lights at night from the sea is an unforgettable experience, with every light dancing on the waves and refracting in the water to create a fairytale atmosphere.

Enjoy a sunset cruise

After discovering the Lérins Islands and exploring the heart of the Bay of Cannes, the Cannes Lions Congress offers an unforgettable adventure: a sunset cruise . Imagine yourself aboard a luxurious vessel, its elegant hull gliding effortlessly over the calm waters of the Mediterranean.

On the deck, a gentle sea breeze caresses your face as you enjoy a sophisticated cocktail. Laughter and lively dialogue mingle with the captivating sound of waves crashing against the ship's hull. The guests around you are fascinated by the shared wonder that accompanies this sea crossing at dusk.

There, on the horizon, as the sky begins to darken, a breathtaking spectacle unfolds before your astonished eyes. The sun gently descends towards the water in a colorful dance of fiery reds and iridescent oranges that color the sky like an impressionistic canvas. It is a sight that leaves every viewer speechless with its pure beauty and pleasant serenity.

It's not just a sunset cruise offered by the Cannes Lions Conference; It is a unique sensory experience that perfectly captures the magic of the Mediterranean coast as it is bathed in the golden light that is so characteristic of the sunset.

Water activities around the congress

A sporty dive into the sea

During the Lions Congress in Cannes, water sports disciplines occupy a privileged position. In addition to the seminars and conferences, they offer participants the opportunity to experience an unforgettable adventure. Adrenaline junkies can waterski or paddleboard in the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean. For those with a penchant for underwater exploration , snorkeling is a perfect alternative.

Competitions for every taste

Beyond leisure activities, the Cannes Lions Congress also stands out for its tournaments and sporting challenges related to the marine environment. These events attract not only professionals, but also a large number of enthusiastic amateurs who want to test their skills in a warm and stimulating environment. Whether it's a thrilling paddleboard race or a daring water skiing challenge, every participant has the opportunity to showcase their talent while enjoying the exceptional scenery of the Bay of Cannes.

Sea fishing: relaxation and discovery

For those seeking peace and serenity away from the hustle and bustle of extreme sports, the congress also offers a quieter alternative: sea fishing. Thanks to the boat rental available on site, it is possible to go on board for a few hours or a whole day. Try your luck with a fishing rod and hook while admiring the coastal scenery. This activity offers another opportunity to enjoy the sea in harmony with nature and away from the noise of the engines. A truly magical interlude as part of the Lions Cannes Congress.

Meeting with congress participants

An enriching exchange with international members

The meeting with the participants of the Lions Congress in Cannes is a veritable whirlwind of emotions and dialogues. A labyrinth of conversations unfolds between these people from all parts of the world, creating a patchwork of different cultures and backgrounds. Every discussion is a unique opportunity to explore new ideas , share experiences or think about future collaboration. This international mix offers every participant the opportunity to expand their professional and personal network.

Private Galas: Exclusive evenings par excellence

Beyond the daytime dialogues, the Cannes Lions Congress offers its guests exceptional moments at private galas and exclusive evenings. These evening events offer the opportunity to deepen the networking that began during the day in a more relaxed atmosphere while remaining stimulating. From spontaneous meetings to exciting discussions – every gala makes the Cannes evening an unforgettable experience. The twinkling lights on the Croisette add even more charm to these evenings where the future of the professional world can be forged.

Tasting local cuisine in Cannes

The Cannes Lions Congress offers much more than just a meeting of like-minded people. It is an opportunity to enjoy the culinary riches of Cannes .

With every bite you can taste the authenticity of local products, a reflection of the Provençal terroir. Traditional dishes such as socca , a thin chickpea pancake baked in a wood-fired oven, and cannes bouillabaisse , a fish stew seasoned with local herbs, are examples that will delight your taste buds.

It would be impossible to leave out the country's wines. These drinks with a variety of flavors and fruity or spicy notes can be wonderfully combined with local cuisine and ensure an unforgettable taste experience.

When you discover these local flavors during the Lions Conference in Cannes, you will experience not only culinary excellence, but also the warm inhospitability of the locals. This gastronomic immersion in Provençal culture greatly enriches the entire congress experience.

Not only will your spirit be nourished at the Cannes Lions Congress, your taste buds will benefit too!

Recommended partner hotels

A stay at the Lions Conference in Cannes would not be complete without an overnight stay in one of the recommended partner hotels . Not only do these facilities offer unparalleled comfort , they also play a crucial role in reducing the environmental impact of these large gatherings, according to a 2020 study by Le Monde.

Among the affiliated hotels, three are particularly known for their commitment to sustainability and unparalleled luxury: the Martinez , the Carlton and the Majestic . The Martinez is famous for its spacious rooms overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. It offers first-class services worthy of its place as a conference partner hotel.

The Carlton, on the other hand, combines traditional elegance and modernity. Its location near the Palais des Festivals makes this eatery a popular choice for those who want to be right in the middle of the action.

The Majestic offers a luxurious experience with impeccable service and carefully decorated rooms. The ideal location on the Croisette allows participants easy access to the various congress activities.

However, it should be noted that all of these hotels have taken significant steps to reduce their carbon footprint following the aforementioned study.

For those looking for something different but still keeping the spirit of the Cannes Lions Congress, there is also the Mondrian. This design hotel gives a modern touch to the traditional glamor of Cannes while respecting the principles of sustainability.

What's new for the 2024 edition of Lions Cannes?

Have you ever thought about how technology could redefine the future of the Lions Cannes? The 2024 edition is preparing for a spectacular leap in this direction. Once perceived as a threat to traditional cinema, digitalization is now fully accepted and encouraged.

From streaming services to immersive virtual experiences, technological advances are poised to revolutionize our understanding of the seventh art. The organizers mentioned exciting initiatives to further integrate these digital advancements into programming.

Inclusion is another central pillar of this edition. Important measures are taken to ensure a more balanced representation of underrepresented directors and give space to stories that are often neglected by mainstream cinema.

When it comes to growing environmental challenges, Congress is not ignoring them. In response, organizers are moving to more environmentally friendly management – from minimizing waste to using renewable energy .

Lions Cannes 2024 is shaping up to be a crucial milestone for this iconic event, which not only pays homage to cinema's glorious past but also enthusiastically embraces its promising and innovative future.

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