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We offer you the best boats with skipper, departing from Port La Galère: Cannes, Pampelonne, l'Escalet, Gigi, Club 55, La Guerite. Enjoy an unforgettable day aboard a Pardo 38 or a Fjord 44 or 52.

Port la Galère

Port la Galère, so close to Cannes

The Port la Galère, with its Mediterranean village look, is the result of an avant-garde vision. Designed in the 1960s by architect Jacques Couëlle, known for its approach to organic architecture, this port is distinguished by its forms inspired by the nature, its colors blending into the surrounding landscape, and its harmony with the natural setting. This perfect integration creates a magical atmosphere, where each building, each quay seems to have been sculpted by time and the elements. There boat rental with skipper at Port la Galère will allow you to easily discover the French Riviera. 

Prices for our PARDO 38. We will pick you up in Port la Galère, or as close as possible to your vacation spot. We also have Fjord 44 or 52

Activities and Services at Port la Galère

Port la Galère is not only a haven of peace for luxury yachts and sailboats; it is also a dynamic nautical activity center. Visitors can indulge in diving to explore the richly populated seabed, sea kayaking for a peaceful adventure along the coast, or stand-up paddleboarding for a fun experience on the water. The port also offers sea trips organized, allowing you to discover the hidden gems of the Mediterranean, from secret coves to wild islands, from a unique perspective.

The services offered at Port la Galère are designed to guarantee worry-free experience to all visitors. With its shops, his restaurants gourmet offering stunning views of the sea, and its exclusive club reserved for members, the port creates a bubble of luxury and relaxation. Security is also a top priority, with 24/7 monitoring providing peace of mind to boat owners and visitors.

Why choose Port la Galère for boat rental?

Choose Port la Galère for a boat rental, it’s opting for a unique experience. The natural beauty of the site, with its crystal clear waters and picturesque landscapes, provides an idyllic setting for relaxation and adventure. The distinctive architecture of the port adds a cultural and aesthetic dimension to the visit, making each walk a discovery.

The exclusivity of Port la Galère makes it a privileged place for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of classic tourist destinations. It is an oasis of calm, where luxury mixes with the simplicity of moments shared by the water. In addition, its proximity to Théoule-sur-Mer, and Port of Rague, makes it easy to explore this charming Riviera town, with its sandy beaches, hiking trails with spectacular views, and Mediterranean gastronomy.

Memorable experiences at Port la Galère

In short, Port la Galère in Théoule-sur-Mer represents much more than a simple Marina. It is a destination that promises memorable experiences, where every visitor can find something to suit them, whether it is indulging in water activities, relaxing in luxurious surroundings, or simply enjoying the serene beauty of the French Riviera. Whether you are passionate about the sea, a lover of architecture, or looking for a peaceful refuge, Port la Galère awaits you for an unforgettable maritime getaway.

Port la Galère

The Pardo 38: luxury, design, comfort. For 11 passengers + skipper.

The Hotel du Port la Galère: luxury and incomparable sea view

At the heart of this maritime Eden is the Hotel du Port la Galère, an establishment that embodies luxury and comfort with a unique Mediterranean touch. Nestled on the sparkling shores of the Mediterranean, this hotel offers its guests an exceptional accommodation experience, where each room benefits from a amazing views over the harbor and the sparkling sea beyond. Designed to merge elegance and tranquility, the Hôtel du Port la Galère offers suites spacious endowed with private terraces, ideal for enjoying a sunny breakfast or a glass of wine at sunset.

Boats available at Port la Galère

Motorboats: a dynamic navigation experience

There boat rental in Port la Galère stands out with an impressive selection of motorboats, adapted to all desires and requirements. Among them, the Pardo 38, the Fjord 44, and the Fjord 52 stand out as preferred choices for those looking for both performance and comfort. These models, recognized for their elegant design and modern lines, offer an exceptional navigation experience.

  • Pardo 38 presents itself as a perfect balance between performance and aesthetics, ideal for day trips or sunny outings along the coast.

  • Fjord 44, with its vast living space and generous bathing platform, is the perfect choice for those who prioritize comfort and luxury.

  • Fjord 52, for its part, is a true floating palace, offering even larger spaces and high-end equipment for an uncompromising sailing experience.

These motor boats allow you to explore the wonders of the French Riviera with style and ease, making every sea trip memorable. Whether you are looking for adrenaline and speed or a relaxing cruise with all the comforts, the fleet available at Port La Galère will meet your expectations.

Services at the Hotel du Port la Galère

The hotel's services reflect its environment: exclusive and personalized. Guests can enjoy direct access to private beaches, a sea-facing infinity pool, and a spa offering treatments inspired by the marine elements, guaranteeing deep relaxation and revitalizing well-being. For foodies, the hotel restaurant offers refined cuisine that celebrates the flavors of the region, with dishes prepared from the best local produce and a carefully selected wine list.

The Hôtel du Port la Galère is not just a place to stay; it is a gateway to exploring the natural and cultural beauty of the French Riviera. Of the boat rental services are available for guests keen to explore the coast, while shore excursions can be arranged to discover the hidden gems of Théoule-sur-Mer and the surrounding area. The hotel team, with their in-depth knowledge of the area, is always ready to personalize your experience, whether you are looking for adventure, relaxation, or a mix of both.

The Port la galère is near Saint-Tropez

Saint-Tropez and its port mythical are only an hour's sail from Port la Galère. The port of Saint-Tropez is lined with boutiques, cafes, restaurants, and art galleries. You can stroll along the quays, shop in designer boutiques, sample Mediterranean dishes in seaside restaurants, or simply soak up the lively atmosphere of the port.

Services offered to browsers

The port of Saint-Tropez offers a full range of services to ensure the comfort and safety of sailors. Among the services available, we find water and electricity on the quays, waste collection, showers and toilets, as well as access to Wi-Fi Internet. The port regularly hosts events and activities for entertain visitors. From sailing regattas to outdoor music evenings, there is always something to see and do in this vibrant port.

Recommended itineraries for boat rental in Port la Galère

The Lérins Islands

The Lérins Islands are mainly made up of two islands: Sainte-Marguerite and Saint-Honorat, located just opposite Cannes. Sainte-Marguerite, the largest, is famous for its Royal Fort, where the mysterious Man in the Iron Mask was imprisoned. The island is a haven of peace, with forest trails that invite you to discover its lush fauna and flora. Saint-Honorat, smaller, is known for its medieval monastery, still in operation, and its vineyards cultivated by monks. Together, these islands offer a beautiful escape between preserved nature, fascinating history and spirituality, just a stone's throw from the excitement of the French Riviera.

Restaurants accessible by boat

From Port la Galère, you can spend an exceptional day aboard the Pardo 38, go to lunch at the famous restaurant La Guerite where you will spend an afternoon in a festive atmosphere. You can also easily join  the Eden-Roc hotel.
We present to you further the different restaurants which you will find at Pampelonne, just an hour's sail away, while it would take you almost three hours in high season to get there by car.

Port la Galère

The Pardo 38: luxury, design, comfort

Our Pardo 38 is a fantastic boat for a day at sea.

You will have two large sun loungers for 3 to 4 people, at the front and at the back. If the sun is too strong, you will have two bimini tops at your disposal to lie down in the shade.

The rear beach is fantastic, and you can enjoy swimming in exceptional comfort. You have an easy bathing ladder to access the Mediterranean.

On board, three refrigerators, an exceptional sound system, toilets, an outdoor shower with hot water, an ice maker...


The dining area is perfect for 6 to 10 people. You have crockery on board, glasses, etc.


Port la Galère

Go by boat to the restaurant in Pampelonne from Port la Galère

Port la Galère is close to the famous Pampelonne beach. for its renowned beach restaurants. You can enjoy freshly prepared Mediterranean dishes while enjoying the sea breeze.


Some of the most famous restaurants include:

Club 55

Club 55 is an institution in Pampelonne. Founded in 1955, it has hosted film and fashion stars from around the world. The menu offers a variety of Provençal and seafood dishes, and its famous salad "Salade 55" is a must.

Tahiti Beach

Tahiti Beach is another iconic beach restaurant. It is famous for its lively evenings and quality Mediterranean cuisine. Try their fresh grilled fish and exotic cocktails.

Nikki Beach

For a more glamorous experience, head to Nikki Beach, where you can enjoy fine dining while listening to live music and enjoying a festive atmosphere.


GreenIt is a music restaurant, for partying and dancing.


Gigi is one of most famous restaurant in Pampelonne, with such a special atmosphere.


Port la Galère

Located at the west end of Pampelonne beach, Bambou will enchant you with its warm atmosphere and the beauty of its decoration.

The unique atmosphere of Pampelonne

Beach and thislebrities

The atmosphere at Pampelonne beach is electric. You will be able to meet celebrities from all over the world, but the atmosphere remains relaxed and friendly. Regulars mingle with tourists, creating a unique atmosphere where everyone can enjoy the beauty of the beach.

Lively nightlife

Nightlife in Pampelonne is just as lively as during the day. Many bars and clubs await you to extend the party until the end of the night. Renowned DJs and theme parties make Pampelonne beach a must-see destination for partygoers.

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